SIPSTECH is the most widespread provider of SIPs manufacturing equipment in the world. We partner with manufacturers worldwide to provide them with the highest quality SIPs machinery on the market today as part of a complete turn key manufacturing business.

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SIPSTECH Partner Program

SIPSTECH’s Partner Program is your fast track to success in the SIPs manufacturing industry.

SIPSTECH is the largest and most successful SIPs manufacturer in the world. That continuing success is built upon the success of our business partners, and the superiority of our technology.

First, our machinery is engineered better, built more durable, and designed from the very beginning to be the most profitable and most efficient manufacturing equipment on the market. This unparalleled efficiency allows our SIPSTECH Partners to substantially undercut their competition while providing their clients with a superior product. For example, take our licensees with our automated lines; they can sell their SIPs home packages at prices equivalent to the cost of materials plus $1.00 per sq foot. In fact, in a study commissioned by one of our partners found that their price for their home packages was $0.83 lower per sq foot than the next lowest priced competitor.

Second and more importantly, Our success is built upon the success and the longlasting partnerships we shape with every one of our licensees.
Unlike our competitors, who are only there to sell you the cheapest equipment at the highest price, and then they move on to the next sale. For over 20 years, SIPSTECH and ECOPAN have stood by our customers and provided them with all the support and expertise they need to make their manufacturing business a giant success.

When you become a SIPSTECH licensee, you are gaining access to a global family of independent but associated companies, all manufacturing under the ECOPAN trademark and working together to support each other and ensure the success of every member of the ECOPAN family. Under the licensing program, you get much more than a complete transfer of all the technologies, equipment, and data necessary to build and market both SIPs and SIPs structures successfully. Not only do we provide all the testing and engineering data for compliance with your local building codes, but you are also getting an established business partner with all the experience, and contacts necessary to build your business into a success.

This joint partnership means we will always stand by you with all the support, knowledge, and expertise you will ever need to run your business successfully including supplying staffing and managers, training, investors, group rates on materials &c. Everything you could need to make sure your manufacturing business runs smoothly and profitably in every business environment and market.

Contact us today if you have any desire in starting and building a successful SIP manufacturing business. We would love to talk to you about your specific needs and goals. We can explain how we can provide you with the best equipment in the business, at a great price, while helping you grow your business long term with our +20 years of experience in the SIPS manufacturing industry!

Purchasing a SIPSTECH Production Line

**This process assumes that you are familiar with sip products, and technologies**